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For the upcoming 2020/2021 school year, Enriched Academy will be running a pilot project in select Alberta high schools, providing students with inspiring and engaging education on money management. Approximately 4,000 students and their school staff will take part in the program and learn the critical life skills of saving, budgeting and investing.

The pilot program is seeking schools that come from a diverse demographic that represents the whole province:

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Our Core Values
  • Inspiring
  • Transparent
  • Entertaining
  • Authentic
  • Simple
How We Do It

We empower teachers to help students learn with the our interactive platform, video based content, webinars and live events all supplemented with teacher guides and lesson plans.

online tools and Resources

Interactive Live & Recorded
Online Webinars

Quarterly webinar programs on customized, supplemental topics covering critical areas, including Wills, Insurance, Pensions, Crushing Debt, etc.

150 +
Quick and easy quizzes

Our quizzes are designed to help ensure you retain all of the essential information you have learned.

Debt Crusher
Online Tool

A powerful resource that will help members take charge of debt while encouraging & measuring progress toward a debt free goal.

Net Worth
Tracker Online Tool

A unique goal- oriented resource that will help members track progress and financial growth over time, encouraging additional savings and investing efforts.

Over 300

All fill-in the blanks, the book has interesting fast facts, recommended readings and websites designed to help you get the most from your Enriched Academy course.

Financial Freedom
Online Tool

Designed to help you understand exactly where you are at financially today - and where you are trying to go - this tool gives you a clear roadmap to start saving money effectively.

Our Numbers
Speak for Themselves.




Video Lessons


Quiz Questions


Course VIews

Understanding the Curriculum

Money Myths

Designed to help members understand their own financial situation and shatter the myths that hold them back financially.

Understanding Credit

Illustrates key concepts to control spending, avoid credit card and debt traps while uncovering areas to stop wasting your money.

Where are you today?

Gives a framework to clearly understand your current financial situation and a simple path to change it.

Beginners Stock Market Investing System

A smart guide to understanding the fundamentals of investing in the stock market.

Advanced Stock Market Investing System

Powerful but simple concepts that are critical for anyone that invests with an advisor.


Two primary ways to shelter your money from tax and they are rarely used or understood.

Investment Properties

A comprehensive look at how you can use real estate to build wealth and how to do it when you are just starting out.


A smart simple approach to controlling spending while gaining insight into your money situation.

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Organizations In Canada.

To learn more, or to get involved, contact Kevin McCarthy for more information or to apply to participate in the pilot.


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