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Experience what thousand of canadians have already seen. This
program is the best financial education in the country.

Great Speakers

Funny. Inspiring. And brutally honest. Our speakers will engage and entertain you while providing rock solid perspective on building your financial health.

Gain Knowledge

Our team has a tremendous gift for explaining challenging money concepts in a simple and entertaining way. You will leave this event with a wealth of practical knowledge.

Get Motivated

Great Speakers. Incredible Information. We turn education into action. You will be inspired into action with tangible next step and the tool and resources you need to get it done.

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Need Some More Information?

You can find your answers here.

Is there a way to get a sneak peak at the information you provide?

Absolutely. Sign up for one of our packed free webinars and learn some of the key messages…absolutely free of charge. You need to see this in action to really understand the value.

Can I connect with your team for additional information?

Our support team is always here to help. Give us a call at 1-800-892-9228 or drop us an email at [email protected] We will get back to you immediately!

How long is the event?

It is a great and full day. Registration is at 8:30 – and the event runs from 9 – 4:30. Not to worry – it is energetic, funny and inspiration – the day goes quick – we promise!

Do you have support teams to help if people have more personal money questions after the event?

Absolutely, we have our coaches on site – and happy to field calls at any time.

Can I purchase this as a gift for a family or friend?

We strongly encourage it. Once you experience this first hand and see how it changes people’s lives, you will want to help us educate more Canadians. And it is great if we start with the people you know and love!

What age is this suited for – can I bring my kids?

We have had kids as young as 10 – and a few well into their 80’s. Anybody 15 and older is going to get a lot out of this day. And many people bring their families. Give us a call at 1-800-892-9228 and we can tell you about a family discount!

See What Our Customers Say!

“Using the Enriched Academy program I was able to eliminate $13,000 of debt in the last 6 months.”


See What Our Customers Say!

“Before starting the program I was emotionally drained, felt helpless and was watching my debt climb. Now, I feel in control over my money.”

Kyla Moora

See What Our Customers Say!

“We left the bank and my wife said, "I didn’t even understand what you two were talking about. You would think you have been talking about this for 10 years...”


See What Our Customers Say!

“.My main focus is for my son to learn and obtain as much information on finance [as possible]”

Vilma And Daniel

See What Our Customers Say!

“Prior to taking the course I was giving my money to a financial advisor and trusting they knew what they were doing... I quickly realized how little I knew.”

Scott Kells

See What Our Customers Say!

“Enriched Academy explains things in such simple terms, giving me so much confidence. I pulled all my money from my financial advisor and now invest on my own.”

Jeff Poh

See What Our Customers Say!

“I have made some major financial decisions that have benefited my family and yours can too.”

Linda Stephens

See what Our Customers Say!

“I am much more focused, happier and confident with my money. I now feel like I have a responsibility to share what I know with friends and family members.”

Marisol S

See What Our Customers Say!

“By the end of the event I have never seen such an amazing impact on our agents from a financial and knowledge standpoint.”

Ron And Teresa

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