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Enriched Academy is the quick and easy way for anyone to learn key concepts around saving and investing their money.

World class educators in high schools & post secondary institutions, recognize that there is an enormous gap in the resources available to truly inspire and prepare students for life outside of school, and the realities that happen when they leave.

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Companies face significant challenges attracting & retaining quality employees. Most recognize that employees require a challenging, engaging and inspiring work environment, yet miss the opportunity to help staff where it matters most… at home.

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Credit card and household debt are at record levels today. Unfortunately, money management & financial awareness, two of the most important skills for anyone to have, are also two of the most ignored – especially when it comes to families with kids.

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Advisors in financial planning, insurance & real estate face tremendous challenges attracting & retaining quality clients in an extremely competitive environment. Exceptional performers recognize that helping clients and attracting prospects…

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See Why Thousands Of People Use Enriched Academy

Learn why so many people have chosen Enriched Academy to help them learn, understand and control their money.

Want to see a Sneak Peak of Enriched Academy?

Want to see a Sneak Peak of Enriched Academy?

See how Enriched Academy makes understanding your money an educational & entertaining experience
“Enriched Academy gave me the information & the inspiration to get control of my money. I have never had such a clear understanding of how to spend and save money effectively.”

-Susan H

“I cannot believe how easy Enriched Academy makes learning about money and building wealth. Everyone should have to watch this program.”
– Arian B

Want to hear what people think about Enriched Academy?

Want to hear what people think about Enriched Academy?

Learn how Enriched Academy has made a difference in the lives of others

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Some of the most respected companies across all industries use Enriched Academy to help their employees.

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