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Overview: Coaching Process

  • Learn About
    Your Finances

    Would it not be good if a magical solution or easy trick were in place that would never cause you to worry about money or to handle your finances again? Why not learn about it from an expert.

  • Create Your
    Personal Budget

    Your budget is one of the most important tools for your financial success. It will allow you to create an expenditure plan so that your money can be allocated so that you can achieve your goals.

  • Analyze Your

    Evaluating an investment portfolio is time-consuming and you need to know what you’re doing. If you want to save time, headaches, and money, please contact our financial advisor.

  • Create Your
    Financial Plan

    Our coaches, design techniques to reduce financial risk and help you to build wealth over the long term. They can provide you with a game plan that will assist you in achieving your financial objectives.

  • Check-In

    We hold our clients accountable for the tools and knowledge that we provided for them during coaching. We want clients to feel empowered and that they can achieve financial success on their own.

Start Your Journey

The Results
Speak For Themselves.


Increase In Net Worth


Increase In Credit Score


Total Advisor Fees Saved


Decrease In Monthly Spend


Decreased Credit Card Debt

Our Coaching Clients

“Joining Enriched Academy has been one of the greatest decisions I have made in order to gain financial independence! Having a
coach help me.”

“Joining Enriched Academy has been one of the greatest decisions I have made in order to gain financial independence! Having a
coach help me.”

Who We Serve

It dosen’t matter how old you are or what your current financial situation is, we are happy to help.
Because everyone deserves financial awareness and a little help can go a long way.

  • Student Debt?

    Congrats on pursuing your education. Taking on a bit of debt when you invest in yourself is ok - and this type of debt is easy to tackle. They key to success is to have a plan. Give us a call and see how we can help you ditch this debt!

  • Dealing with Debt?

    We have all been here. Debt can be a royal pain, and feel overwhelming sometimes. But we promise - this is a solvable problem. With a fresh set of eyes and some support and guidance - you can ditch the debt. The first step - you have to commit to tackling it. Give us a call and we can see how to help!

  • Paycheck to Paycheck?

    Most Canadians are in a similar boat - they are getting by - trying to save a bit - and spending a little more than they should on occasion. If you are ready to look at your money with a fresh perspective and stop living day-to-day with your cash - give us a call. You’ll be amazed what a fresh perspective can help you achieve.

  • Just Getting Started?

    Quarterly webinar programs on customized, supplemental topics covering critical areas, identified by Police including Wills, Insurance, Pensions, Crushing Debt, etc.

  • Savvy Investor!

    You are a veteran at this whole saving and investing thing. Congrats - you are ahead of the game. Give us a call and we can get an extra set of eyes on some of the fees you are paying - you may be able to save a lot more money than you think?

  • Trying to Teach My Kids?

    So great to hear from families that are helping kids avoid the same mistakes we all made. Great news - kids LOVE money - and we have an entertaining and inspiring way to help equip you with the tools you need to get them started.

  • I’m a Saver!

    Being able to save a little is always the hardest step. Now you need to turn those savings into smart investments and get that money working harder for you! Get in touch and we can help you decide who to work with and how to get that money working for you.

  • Learning to Budget?

    The dreaded B-word. Sounds scary - but really - if you get a handle on your spending - you are SO FAR AHEAD of many Canadians - you will be well positioned to free up some money and start getting it to work for you! And that is the key to financial health.

  • Planning For Retirement?

    No matter what stage you are at in your life - having a roadmap to a financially healthy retirement is ALWAYS worth planning for. Our team has some clever insights, some smart tactics and a personalized approach that can help ensure you are heading in the right direction.

  • Improving Employee Health & Wellness

    Very smart. Your employees deserve financial success. And you are not only helping them and their families when you give them money skills - you are having a serious impact on the bottom line of your company. Give us a call to learn more!

Have Any Questions

You can find your answers here.

What is a Money Coach?

Everyone can use a little clarity - and sometimes a gentle kick in the pants when it comes to you navigate there money. A financial or money coach helps you clarify and specify your current situation and goals, layout out a better plan, and then gives you a layer of support & accountability to help you get there!

Are your financial coaching meetings held in-person or virtually?

Money coaching sessions are available no matter where you live. We use virtual sessions so that we can talk face to face and also share screens.

I don’t know if I can afford financial coaching or if it makes sense for me to pay for it based on my income/debt.
What should I do?

Our job is to protect you and your money. If coaching is not right for you - we will tell you. And so long as you follow the tasks we give you - if you don’t benefit after the first 2 sessions - we give you 100% of your money back. We are here to help you - and make a difference in the lives of Canadians - because all of us deserve financial health.

Can you give me advice on investing?Can you give me advice on investing?

We don’t sell products or manage your investments. We will not even force you to use a particular investment firm - though we can help point you in the right direction. Our ENTIRE focus is on helping you understand your financial situation - where you are today and where you need to get too - and then ensure you know what steps to take to help get that done. Then we guide you through that process with some added support and accountability!

You have a free assessment call with people interested in coaching?

Absolutely. Our job is to protect you and your money. We want you to speak directly with a coach so we can learn more about you and you can get a better understanding of us. If it is a good fit for your particular situation - we will all know based on that call. If it isn’t we will tell you - and we will give you a few pointers to get you heading in the right direction.

Does Enriched Academy have a Money Back Guarantee?

We do! And while we cannot guarantee any results...ever...we definitely stand behind our material. But don’t buy our courses unless you really want to make a change. We don’t want it sitting around unused. We want to make a difference in your financial health and awareness. When you buy something from us - all we ask is you try to follow through. There is a reason you signed up - so let us help. Get in there, watch some material....make an effort to learn more about money. It’s worth it. If you really don’t see the value and want your money back - at least you will leave us with a bit more knowledge and awareness than when you started.

Client Testimonials

“Due to the Enriched Academy process we just purchased our first rental property and are now allocating $2,000 per month into investment accounts. ​”

-Michelle Pironeen

“Throughout the coaching program, I was able to cut back on my monthly spending by $4093.63 on average every month. This allowed me to pay off the entire amount on my Business Line of Credit of $23,400. On top of that, I increased my saving by 144.52%, and my overall Net Worth increased by $28,870.28. My Credit Score also increased by 21 points.​”

- Chris Jackson

“Enriched Academy provided me tools that I have used and will continue to use for the rest of my life which will enhance my financial situation. ”

- Connie Elliot

“My experience with Enriched Academy was nothing less than STELLAR! I learned how to look at various investment vehicles and decide what works best for me rather than trust yet another "investment advisor” who placed their own interests before mine. I would highly recommend Enriched Academy to anyone who wants to learn more about money, finances and investing.”

“I was paying $7,796 year in credit card interest, I’ve reduced that to $0 which is helping me pay off my debt faster than I ever could have imagined. Thanks to the Enriched Academy coaching team for allowing me to see the alternatives! ”

- Tyler P.

“My coach walked me through specific questions to ask my advisor, and the answers were shocking! With the coaching program, I found alternatives and reduced my fees by $16,995/year. Thank you Enriched!!”

- Jan Oystrick.

“I just completed the Enriched Academy Coaching Program, not only has it given me valuable tools to help me move forward in my financial life but it has taught me how to make my money work for me instead of me working hard for money. A few highlights”

- Frank Fragomeni

Meet Our Coaches

Alanna Abramsky, Head Coach

Alanna’s journey started when she planned to travel comfortably and not backpack everywhere, she decided she would need $20,000 for her trip around South America and southeast Asia.

"You can’t just do it by not working hard at it, right?
-Alanna Abramsky

Want to know how she did it?

Read More

Meet Our Coaches

Matt Dewey, Money Coach

From a young age Matt decided to make money with his brain and not his body. Trading time for money was not something that made sense to him, but growing up in rural Ontario with hard working fishing parents taught him a lot.

He has pursued all sorts of ways of building wealth and even owned multiple real estate properties before graduating university. Having worked in the financial advisory, insurance & real estate industries, Matt realized his true calling was sharing his passion for financial freedom with others.

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Meet Our Coaches

Judith Cane, Money Coach

“Every great journey begins with a solid plan. My goal is to help clients find out where they are, where they want to go and the best way to get there. Planning for peace of mind.”

Passionate about people, her warm and inviting personality puts clients at ease. Working with clients through their financial challenges creates many “aha” moments and results in easy-to-manage solutions. Judith has worked in the financial services industry for over 30 years, first as an insurance agent, then as a full service advisor and finally, since 2010, as a Financial Coach.

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Meet Our Coaches

Melanie Forget

Mélanie specializes in helping those with cash-flow and debt management issues. As a child from a single parent home living in Ottawa, Mélanie learned what it meant to live frugally. This served her well as she herself became a single parent following a divorce and had to develop strategies to get her family out of debt with very limited resources. She admits that it was sometimes challenging to raise children on a tight budget while living in an affluent suburb, but now she takes pleasure in witnessing her own children use sound financial judgement as they launch into their adult lives.

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