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Companies face significant challenges attracting & retaining quality employees in today’s competitive market. It is widely accepted that the success of a business is based on engaged, inspired employees. And while most companies try to provide an engaging and inspiring work environment through some level of ongoing education, benefits and incentive programs, there is one fundamental area that is completely neglected.

Unfortunately, that one area is also the one that matters most to your employees at home.

Truly successful organizations, both large & small, recognize that there is a significant opportunity to provide more rounded support for their employees… one that requires minimal effort in both time and money, yet truly engages their employees where it matters most for them: their home and their family.

Enriched Academy provides a solid, supplemental HR program that addresses the financial health and awareness of your team. There is NO product selling or product promotion. Enriched Academy focuses on educating and inspiring solid financial awareness, as well as igniting effective spending and saving behavior so your staff can focus on learning tangible steps to help them retain more of the money they earn.

Take the time to provide your employees with the resources they need to help control their money. Move beyond investment and product seminars and help them learn the steps required to control their financial stress.

Contact Enriched Academy to see a demo and learn how corporations utilize Enriched Academy to help their employees and their families start to capitalize on their pay cheques, reduce financial stress, focus on eliminating debt and learn how to build a real foundation for wealth.

Do personal money issues impact employees at work?

Companies are losing thousands of dollars every single day from ineffective employees that are being distracted by their personal issues. A study done by Beyond the Paycheck reported up to 80 percent of financially distressed employees spend time at work dealing with their personal financial issues, wasting from 12-20 hours per month.
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How does this benefit the company?

As mentioned in the description you will be attracting & retaining quality employees by providing a resource that will increase their overall well being. You are showing the employees that you are invested in them and genuinely care for both their career and personal success.

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True or False
Not preparing and educating your employees on their personal finances can cost you thousands of dollars in healthcare.

TRUE. Stress caused by finances is a huge problem that many companies do not address properly. An estimated 60 percent of illness is directly or indirectly caused by financial stress, costing companies millions of dollars per year in healthcare expense according to Financial Finesse.

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What You’ll Learn

When it comes to financial awareness & building wealth, a proper mindset is critical. Enriched Academy breaks down all the major misconceptions employees have towards money to allow them to build a solid foundation on real knowledge and awareness. Half the battle in learning how to control money is knowing that most people make the exact same mistakes. A little extra inspiration can go a long way in helping your employees understand that you care about their well-being.
There are a few key things that everyone needs to be clear on when it comes to Credit, Loans & Credit Cards. This section educates employees on the key components of credit, credit cards and loans, so they can make informed decisions and avoid the pitfalls of debt.
There are two fundamental skills that are absolutely critical for every employee to master in order to set themselves up for financial success: Controlling Debt & Setting a Budget. Enriched Academy has created proprietary tools, designed to show employees that these are simple steps, requiring just a few minutes of effort. These form the back bone of their ability to create a plan to avoid debt while controlling their money. And learning how to control debt and spending are far more valuable to your employees than a simple raise.
Many employees think its too late and too risky to start building wealth in their lives. It is one of those things they wish they did sooner. Interestingly enough, companies spend a lot of effort on investment product seminars, but no time on inspiring and educating them on financial awareness. In this section employees will learn the best time to start building their wealth is right now. It is NEVER too late!
At some point in all our lives, real estate is something we explore. Some people rent, some buy, and others invest in real estate. This is one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives. Enriched Academy helps employees understand the fundamentals around real estate, while helping create awareness around how others perceive real estate and how they can start to think about real estate as a opportunity in their future.
Many employees have already spent years mastering the art of setting goals and recognizing the importance they play in their day to day success. This section will help employees improve their understanding of how to set effective goals, along with the impact they have on their financial success.

Quick Facts:

      • 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem.
      • 83% of surveyed companies said that personal financial challenges had a large impact or some impact on overall employee performance.
      • 60% of employees do not believe they have enough money to retire.
      • More than 50% of employers believe they should be doing more to help provide financial education for employees.
      • An estimated 60 percent of illness is directly or indirectly caused by financial stress, costing companies millions of dollars per year in healthcare expense.

What Client’s Say

“I really enjoyed the enRICHed Academy presentation tonight. Judy had mentioned how great it was for the staff, and I asked if I could come up to hear you tonight. I’m glad I did! Financial intelligence is a topic that has been a personal interest of mine for a long time now. I’m really excited to watch this program take off in the schools, and would love to be involved.”

– Dawn H