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Credit card and household debts are at record levels today. Children from a very young age are constantly bombarded with the latest and greatest must have products and are living in a “buy now, pay later” type culture.

Unfortunately, money management and financial awareness, two of the most important skills for anyone to have, are also two of the most ignored skills in most families today – especially when it comes to families with children.

  • Whose responsibility is it to instill these lifelong saving and spending habits in our children?
  • How do we ensure they are given the tools they need to avoid a lifetime cycle of borrowing and debt repayment?
  • How do we keep our children engaged and excited to learn about a subject that has not been effectively taught and approached?

When you consider the fact that today most families are so busy keeping up with their careers, dealing with their children’s schoolwork and shuttling their children to all their various extra-curricular activities, who really has time to concentrate on teaching money management to their children?

To make matters worse, unfortunately our school system is failing to take a leading role in educating students on the importance of money. The sad reality for many parents is that they were not taught the necessary money skills at an early age often resulting in having challenges with their own finances. Keeping that in mind it's no mystery why most parents don’t know how to teach their children about money.

Enriched Academy has programs to help individuals from age 5 to 95. We provide funny, entertaining and informative video-based programs, as well as online learning portals that will provide you and your family the necessary tools to control your money and start building real wealth. We are just one phone call away; call us to find out how we can help!

How early is too early?

It’s never too early. The same lessons we teach our children about patience and discipline apply to learning about money. The key is to make it fun and engaging at an early age so they form the money habits they need as they start on their path to independence.

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Why do parents have a hard time teaching their kids about money?

The truth of the matter is that it is a question of both time and knowledge. Many parents were not taught these lessons either, so it can be challenging to get that information through to kids. On top of that, life is moving at 100 miles per hour. We sometimes forget to find those teachable opportunities when we are just racing to keep life on track!
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Should I just let school teach my child about money?

No. Currently there is little being done in the school system to promote the importance of financial education for students. Any attempts by schools to educate students on this subject meet real challenges when those messages are not consistently delivered at home as well. This is an important topic for all families, and we can help you get that dialogue going.
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What You’ll Learn

When it comes to financial awareness & building wealth, a proper mindset is critical. Enriched Academy breaks down all the major misconceptions families have towards money to allow us to build a solid foundation on real knowledge and awareness. Half the battle in learning how to control money is knowing that most people make the exact same mistakes. You are not alone. A little extra inspiration can go a long way in helping your family get things going in the right direction.
There are a few key things that everyone needs to be clear on when it comes to Credit, Loans & Credit Cards. This section educates families on the key components of credit, credit cards and loans, so you can make informed decisions and avoid the pitfalls of debt.
There are two fundamental skills that are absolutely critical for every family to master in order to set themselves up for financial success: Controlling Debt & Setting a Budget. Enriched Academy has created proprietary tools, designed to show families that these are simple steps, requiring just a few minutes of effort. These form the back bone of their ability to create a plan to avoid debt while controlling their money.
Most parents think its too late and too risky to start building wealth in their lives. It is one of those things they wish they did sooner. Interestingly enough, many parents think it is too early to get their children started as well. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this section families will learn the best time to start building their wealth is right now. It is NEVER too early, or too late!
At some point in all our lives, real estate is something we explore. Some people rent, some buy, and others invest in real estate. This is one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives. Enriched Academy helps families understand the fundamentals around real estate, while helping create awareness around how others perceive real estate and how they can start to think about real estate as a opportunity in their future.
Many families have already spent years mastering the art of setting goals and recognizing the importance they play in their day to day success. This section will help families improve their understanding of how to set effective goals, along with the impact they have on their career and financial success.

Quick Facts:

      • Average college graduate is 27,000 in debt.
      • Household debt hits record levels of 163.3% in 2015.
      • Child’s allowance is $780 every year but less than 1% is saved.
      • 84% percent of graduates indicated they needed more education on financial management topics.
      • 39 % of millennials worry about their financial future at least once a week.

What Client’s Say

“My daughters are 9 and 6 and now they have a fantastic way of managing their funds visually and in a giving way.”

– John K