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World class education professionals, school boards and teachers recognize that there is an enormous gap in the resources available to truly inspire and prepare students for life outside of school, and the realities that happen when they leave.

When you consider recent reports on over half a billion dollars in Student loans written off in Canada, and 16 billion dollars in current student debt, right alongside a culture where students are continually blasted with credit card offers, Don’t Pay a Cent Events or Play Now and Pay Later type promotions. The reality is that something important is being missed to help give students a fighting chance.

Students leaving high school are lacking fundamental money management skills that not only allow them to afford higher education if interested but will provide them with a framework to live a debt free life and help break a cycle that has led to record high personal debt in households right across Canada.

So, who’s responsibility is it to teach these skills? How do you inspire this awareness in students?

There is a tremendous opportunity here for education professionals to take a leadership role in an area that completely impacts the well being of students once they graduate. Please contact us today to see how we can help.

See a demo of Enriched Start to see how high schools, post-secondary institutions and educators can empower students by creating real interest and awareness while promoting an increased sense of responsibility right alongside the building of skills that will last them a lifetime.

Do students really care to learn about money?

84% of post secondary graduates indicated they needed more education on financial awareness. The demand to teach students about money is clearly there. The key to our success is having unlocked an entertaining, inspiring way to get those messages heard.

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Can children under the age of 10 really learn money habits?

According to a survey conducted by the American Institute of CPAs, parents give their children an average of $780 a year in allowance. More interestingly the study revealed only 1% of children save that money. Children have the opportunity to learn, they just need an engaging way to do it.
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True or False.
Students do not make enough money to start saving?

False. Student Loans, allowance and part time jobs are all sources of income. Students are also surrounded by the freedom and the temptations to spend. Helping students develop effective saving & spending decisions equally important to the education they receive in school.
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What You’ll Learn

When it comes to financial awareness & building wealth, a proper mindset is critical. Enriched Academy breaks down all the major misconceptions students have towards money to allow us to build a solid foundation that will have them understanding that they CAN take control of their financial health and they are at the perfect time of their life to do it.
Imagine an 18 year old is able to get their drivers license without taking a test… crazy right? That same group of students are not required to take any type of test when getting their first credit card or even applying for a loan. Unfortunately, most students have no understanding of the basics of how credit or credit cards really work. This section educates students on the key components of credit, credit cards and loans so they can make informed decisions and avoid the pitfalls of debt.
There are two fundamental skills that are absolutely critical for students to master at an early age in order to set themselves up for financial success: Controlling Debt & Setting a Budget. Enriched Academy has created proprietary tools, designed to show students that these are simple steps, requiring just a few minutes of effort. These form the back bone of their ability to create a plan to avoid debt while controlling their money.
Students often think building wealth starts later in life after graduation when they start earning more money. Nothing could be further from the truth. In this section, students learn how their spending decisions today impact their ability to save and invest their money. But they also learn the basics of how to start thinking and what steps they need to take to build a sounder financial future.
At some point in all our lives, real estate is something we explore. Some people rent, some buy, and others invest in real estate. This is one of the biggest decisions people make in their lives. Enriched Academy helps students understand the fundamentals around real estate while helping create awareness around how others perceive real estate and how they can start to think about real estate as an opportunity in their future.
Many students have already spent years mastering the art of setting goals and recognizing the importance they play in their day to day success. This section will help students improve their understanding of how to set effective goals along with the impact they have on both their career and their financial success.

Quick Facts:

      • The average college graduate is $27,000 in debt.
      • Almost 90% of students have a credit card.
      • Finances continue to be the number one stressor amongst students.
      • Graduates average credit card debt is now $4,100, (nearly double 2004’s average).
      • 84% of Post Secondary School Graduates surveyed stated that they needed more information on financial topics.

What Client’s Say

“We got so many thank you’s from the students for putting on this event for them. It was just incredible. I wish we had collected e-mails so we could invite them back for a demo of the Enriched Program. It was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!! I am going to promote you guys to the other universities.”

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