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Enriched Academy Wealth Builder Coaching Continuation
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  • 4 One-on-One sessions with your coach
  • Lifetime Access to Online Curriculum
  • 2 Tickets to Enriched Academy Event
  • Unlimited Email and Phone Support
      Join Over 7,000+ Canadians On The Path To Financial Freedom
      "Before starting the program I was emotionally drained, felt helpless and was watching my debt climb. Now, I feel in control over my money." 
      -Kyla Moore
      "I am much for focused, happier and confident with my money. I know feel like I have a responsibility to share what I know to friends and family members" 
      -Marisol Cartagena 
      "Using the Enriched Academy program I was able to eliminate $13,000 of debt in the last 6 months. Purchasing the program was the smartest thing I have ever done." 
      -Katie Whitermt
      "Prior to taking the course I was giving my money to a financial advisor and trusting they knew what they were doing....I quickly realized how little I knew. Now I have diversified my portfolio and my level of knowledge and confidence towards investing has increased."
      -Scott Kells

      "My main focus is for my son to learn and obtain as much information on finance" 
      -Vilma and Daniel
      "We left the bank and my wife said "I didn't even understand what you two were talking about. You would think you have been talking about this for 10 years..." I was only just starting the program." 
      - Tyler Patfield
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