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4.9 Star Customer Rating
4.9 Star Customer Rating

Our Net Worth increased by almost $57,000 in 3 years. Without Enriched Academy's help, I am not sure where we would be today.

I recommend Enriched Academy to anyone looking to improve their financial literacy.

I joined Enriched Academy in 2020 and they helped me put an end to my paycheque to paycheque lifestyle. I got rid of all my credit card debt, started investing, and built an emergency fund.

I reduced my investment fees by a shocking $16,995 per year! I never really understood how they were calculated until my Enriched Academy financial coach showed me exactly how much I was paying.

I increased my net worth 15% by learning how to invest and manage expenses. I’m back on track to achieve my goals and dreams.

We eliminated $25,000 in debt since joining Enriched Academy. Their course taught me so many things I didn’t know, and their online tools and helpful webinars made it easy.

Great information, great tools, awesome people!

I have purchased six investment properties since joining Enriched Academy.

Enriched Academy helped save my marriage. My wife and I always loved each other but disagreed over our money - now we speak the same language when it comes to our finances.

Enriched Academy is Canada’s best kept secret. They changed my life by making me a master of my personal finances and financially independent.

I paid off $16,000 of debt. Enriched Academy is an investment in a stress-free financial future.

Enriched Academy taught me financial responsibility and now I own my financial future.

I feel in control of my money. Long gone are the days when I felt emotionally drained and helpless by my mounting debt.

I am now mortgage free after Enriched Academy showed me how to save $2,300 per month.

My experience with Enriched Academy was nothing less than stellar! I learned how to look at investments and decide what works best for me, not for my investment advisor.

Great way to increase your financial knowledge! Thank you for making it easy to achieve a brighter financial future.

Enriched Academy completely changed my life with their easy-to-understand concepts and practical curriculum. My “dream” goal is more achievable than I ever imagined.

I no longer live paycheque to paycheque and even saved $1700 to pay off my wife’s car.

I was stressed about money, couldn’t sleep, felt helpless and was constantly worried about my financial future. Now I sleep like a newborn baby. Goodbye financial stress, hello financial freedom!

I increased my Net Worth by 21,800 and saved $15,000 for a down payment.

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