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E: [email protected]
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Imagine the head start you would have in life if you learned about money,10, 15, or 20 years ago... 
Enriched Start is a program specifically created to help teens/young adults to learn all about money.
It's a fun, educational program that has helped thousands of parents gain confidence that their child is on the right path and has all the tools, resources and education to thrive in the real world. 50% of parents are dipping into their retirement savings to help support their adult children...we want to change that.  
This is the original youth program that bid on by all five of the Dragons' in the TV hit series Dragons' Den.
As featured on...
And since signing a deal with both Jim Treliving and Bruce Croxon from the Dragons' Den, Enriched Academy has...
   Helped over 7,000 parents teach their children about life and money skills. 
   Been featured on The Globe and Mail, Breakfast Television, Market Watch, CBC, City and Financial Post.
   Partnered up with some of Canada's top brands, associations and government entities including CDI College, Remax, the CFL...
   Partnered with over 23 top post secondary and educational institutions across Canada including CDI Career College, McCaster University, and Fanshawe College.  
And we've taken our DVD based youth program, improved on it and moved it online to create easy access to engaging and fun financial education for teens and young adults across Canada. 

"I researched on the internet, for several years, looking for a good way to teach kids about money. Surprisingly, there is not much info out there. Not in terms of a complete and thorough ‘system’. Then I found Enriched Academy. It was exactly what I was looking for! It has not disappointed!! The content is excellent and the presentation keeps young people at least engaged. Enriched Academy should be part of every school curriculum-worldwide."
- Den
"From a student perspective, Enriched Academy is not only full of useful information, but very desirable. In just those two short weeks I have been inspired to make changes and create steppingstones for my financial future. The information, and how it is presented through Enriched Academy came off in a non-intimidating form and helped make goals achievable."
- Sabrina
"I don’t understand why this is not in the educational curriculum. Every child should be exposed to this.
By far one of the BEST enlightenment given on the Subject of Money!"
- Rico 
 "Your program has given me the knowledge to save over $10,000 while studying at McMaster, not including leisure money! I am eager to continue absorbing the information you have to offer...
- Cole
The reality is that your child/grandchild/niece/nephew or anyone in your life between the ages of
13-23 will not learn about money growing up. This can lead to several issues...
Did you know?
  • 50% of parents are dipping into their retirement savings to help support their adult children. 
  • Average student loan debt is $28,000
  • ​Nearly 50% of Canadians financially support their children into their mid 30's.
  • ​42% of Young Adults still live at home up from 21% in 2001.
  • ​84% of graduates indicated they needed more education on financial topics.
And that is why we created Enriched Start to give teens/young adults a major head start in life. Teaching them everything that school does not.
The Enriched Start program is 3 hours fun, video based learning, specifically created for those between the ages of 13-25.
It takes teens from having no interest in money to begging their parents to open up an investment account.

But this program is not just teaching youth about money, it covers a wide range of life skills everyone needs including:
Proper Money Mindset
Choosing the right career
How to invest in stock market and real estate
Understanding Credit & Credit Cards 
Creating powerful goals
Managing your student loans
...and so much more!
But when we were on Dragon's Den...Kevin O'Leary stated one BIG problem that almost cost us the deal:
He was right. This had been a major road block. We had parents invest in our program who could NOT get their kids to watch it!

(Have you ever tried to get your child to do homework instead of playing video games? For most parents it is not easy.)

Until we changed things up.

So, without increasing the investment for the Enriched Start program...
We decided to pay everyone $100 for completing the course.
Yep, $100!

Do you think it you could get your child to watch the program now?

They will basically be earning $33 per hour.

And here is the best part...

Most teens are thinking "Wow $100 for just 3 hours! I can't wait to spend this money and go shopping and buy..."

After watching our program, most want to open up an investment account to buy stocks or save for a down payment on an investment property!

So if you want to give someone you know a leg-up on their future...

If you think $200 is a small price to pay for teaching a youth about financial awareness and key life skills... 

If you want to be assured that they have access to the tools and resources that will help them succeed in life...

Then invest in EnrichedStart.
Over 7,000 Parents Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Their Children Won't Be A Financial Burden! 

 "I can't even express how much I wish I had something as basic and simple and easy to follow along with curriculum [in the past] that Enriched Academy gave me (literally over a span of doing the course in about two-afternoon sittings). These were the easiest modules I've ever done for my own self-directed learning. The information it brought forth was quick, simple, and easy to grasp. The fun facts made it entertaining and eye-opening.
- Kristen
 "Throughout these past two weeks, I have been exploring the Enriched Academy videos, website and workbook. To say it was a great experience would be an understatement. The course if full of great information and resources that have already helped me to kick-start my personal finances. I have shared this information with many of my peers, and even my parents. I highly praise Enriched Academy for creating the most ideal learning environment and sharing essential information with anyone willing to learn.
- Sabrina
Enriched Academy 
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