"Smart Money” Conference:
The “Smart Money” conference for grades 7-12 students was held on May 12, 2022. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make it an incredible day and stay tuned for similar events in the future!
“Smart Money” Conference for Teens

The “Smart Money” conference for teens was a huge success! Hundreds of schools and classrooms and more than 30,000 grade 7-12 students from across Canada joined the livestreams to learn some essential lessons about managing their money. The event targeted the needs of the teenage audience and combined practical advice and tips on savings, investing and developing the right attitude and mindset to get them started down the road towards a lifetime of financial wellness. An interactive game of Kahoot! was woven throughout the session to review key concepts and pitted class against class in a battle for some great prizes.

We are very grateful to all the students and teachers who took part as well as all the education officials and administrators who got behind us in supporting this inaugural event. We received some great feedback and learned a lot from our first-ever national virtual conference, and we are looking forward to offering bigger and better events in the future — stay tuned!

Many teachers have requested a recording of the event to share with their students and colleagues that were unable to attend. The link to the recording and access to the Kahoot! are below:

  • To watch the recording, please click here.
  • To access the Kahoot! game, please click here. You can make a duplicate and add it to your account. This link will allow you to share the game with your students.

Teachers: Register your Grades 7 to 12 class for our May 12th “Smart Money” Conference

Register Here
Why Bring your Students?
  • They will learn key money tips in a fun and interactive 30-minute session
  • Unique learning experience with no prep-work required
    (optional pre & post activities available)
  • Win a visit from the ice cream truck for your entire class - and
    plenty more great prizes!
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