What You Learn

The reality of financial awareness is that we all tend to over-complicate what really is a simple message… Save More, Spend Less!

Right from the time we are kids just learning to read, we are bombarded with thousands of buying messages every single day. We live in a consumer culture where all of us have broad access to buy now and pay later type credit. We are surrounded by an infinite amount of choice with new clothes, technologies, smartphones… so much to buy and so much access to credit to help us do it.

It is easy to understand how quickly overspending and debt can become a real issue.

This is also the age of infinite resources. In a world of budget planning tools, software licenses, excel spreadsheets, interest calculators and an endless supply of self-help books on managing money, how is it that we have so much trouble taking control of our financial health?

The answer is pretty simple. We are just not motivated, inspired or educated on how to do it. As a result, we don’t take personal responsibility of doing the things we need to be doing.

Enriched Academy is based on one simple principle... we live in an Instagram and YouTube society where information is consumed in bite sized chunks. To connect and educate people on financial awareness, there are 3 key elements necessary to inspire action:

  • Instill a real sense of personal responsibility
  • Utilize an entertaining but honest approach to create a personal awareness around money habits
  • Capitalize on video based content to improve retention

What We Believe

We are driven by a tremendous passion to instill financial knowledge in everyone… from kids, teens and young adults, to adults and yes, even grandparents.

Enriched Academy recognizes that Everyone Deserves Financial Awareness and we have redefined the effectiveness of financial education by combining solid information, with entertaining, engaging and inspiring interactive learning programs.

Trusted by some of the most notable and innovative organizations in the country, Enriched Academy has helped thousands of people learn the fundamental skills required to take control of their financial health. By combining proven money concepts, with innovative technology, and an engaging and entertaining delivery, Enriched Academy’s online and in-person learning environment provides everyone, from kids to grand parents with the opportunity to take full control of their financial well being.

We strive to be a catalyst for making a lasting, positive impact in the world.

We know that our success is based on our constant effort to communicate critical money habits, in a way that is engaging, entertaining and inspiring. That’s why Enriched Academy is committed to a culture of perpetual learning.

We partner with some of the most socially responsible companies that share our passion for financial awareness. And to support our own high expectations, we hire passionate, talented people who have a real commitment to drive improved financial awareness into every family, every home, and every business in our communities.

Who We Help

World class education professionals, school boards and teachers recognize that there is an enormous gap in the resources available to truly inspire and prepare students for life outside of school, and the realities that happen when they leave.

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Families are crazy busy today. Unfortunately, that means money management and financial awareness, two of the most important skills for anyone to have, are also two of the most ignored skills in most families today – especially when it comes to families with children.

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Truly successful companies, both large & small, recognize that employees and there families can ALWAYS use a little more help. Great companies recognize that can have an impact on the bottom line of their organizations, and the well being of their staff by focusing on the one area that has ALWAYS been neglected… Financial Knowledge & Awareness.

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There are three common questions that plague most advisors today:

  • How can I reach out and connect with new prospects?
  • How can I offer more assistance and strengthen my client relationships?
  • How can I help inspire the 2nd generation to gain new clients and protect my business?

Good advisors recognize that helping clients and attracting prospects means looking to add real value to their relationships. Exceptional advisors take action to help educate and inspire people in their communities in the one area impacts absolutely everyone… Financial Knowledge & Awareness.

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With those guiding principles, Enriched Academy is able to educate everyone, from kids to grandparents. We help create real financial awareness, while inspiring action.

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